The Super Bowl is a nationally celebrated event. Everyone is in on the conversation, whether they be major football fans or in it for the halftime show. Hopping on the bandwagon, with or without major football fans in the office, can do wonders for an office. Hosting office Super Bowl activities can boost morale in an office and encourage better coworker engagement.

Follow these tips to bring the fun to your office:

Jersey Days

By starting Jersey Days, your office will encourage friendly competition, pride and fun. This can provide opportunity for bonding over mutual team loyalty, fun conversation and an easy going work environment.

Office Pools

NFL Fantasy Football pool tournaments always engage obsessive conversation. Having an office pool for the Super Bowl can get co-workers engaged and encourage team work and conversation.

Post-Super Bowl Monday Prize

Unfortunately, Super Bowl Sunday has proven to affect attendance for the Monday after. Whether by hosting a contest, raffles or placing a bet, your office can stay ahead of the curve and give employees the incentive to show up when they come to collect a prize.

Each of these suggestions are ways to get your team talking to each other and bonding. Usually on the Monday after the Super Bowl an office might experience a lot of “I’m not going to make it today,” or “I might be late,” call-ins. Incorporating Super Bowl fun into the office life is going to work better in the long run for both productivity and team engagement. Especially, once the LA Rams beat the New England Patriots. ?