Celebrated every February, Black History Month is meant to recognize the achievements and struggles of African Americans in the past and present. Each year, this month presents the opportunity for offices and workplaces to participate in both the education and appreciation of this month.

Why is it important for offices to observe Black History Month?

By honoring Black History Month, your office will show integrity and appreciation toward the African American community. Making employees feel appreciated and listened to will always boost morale and make for a great environment.

If you’re stuck on how to honor Black History Month, check out these suggestions:

Support Black Businesses

How To Honor Black History Month at Your Workplace

You might want to take this month as an opportunity to suggest Black-owned businesses as suppliers or contractors. This way, a company can participate in uplifting and supporting Black people’s work, art and services.

Diversity Workshops

How To Honor Black History Month at Your Workplace

In a diverse work environment, it is never known what people of color can face if one is not in the same position. Diversity workshops are a good way to educate a team on the plight of African American employees. Workshops can also provide a good opportunity to spotlight the successes and highlights of black employees as well.

Visuals and Decorations

How To Honor Black History Month at Your Workplace

Did you know the colors used to commemorate Black History Month are green, yellow and red? Just putting up posters, or flags or color schemed decorations could go a long way by proving the appreciation for the month.

Guest Speaker Spotlights

How To Honor Black History Month at Your Workplace

Making the effort to bring someone in or spotlight an outstanding employee can show real appreciation. This can be done at a luncheon, meeting or conference. Getting someone that can speak on the importance of diversity as well as their plight and achievements as a black person is a great way to observe Black History Month.

How To Honor Black History Month at Your Workplace

Some of these might require more planning, however, they can all be carried out by RED Company’s RED PACK™ program, Power-full Acts of Compassion and Kindness. This program provides great initiatives that will organize volunteer opportunities, community service projects and more.

Carrying good corporate social responsibility is important in any workplace, big or small. By observing Black History Month with appreciation and respect, an office can truly foster a better work environment.