The Best Halloween Event Essentials

Throwing a Halloween party can cause more stress than joy. At RED, we have you coveRED with various options to make your guests feel as if your Halloween party was planned by a professional. Here are the top must-have items we offer that will make your Halloween bash...

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Make an Impact: Breast Cancer Awareness

October signifies the start of the holiday season, commencing with Halloween—then Thanksgiving and finally end of the year celebrations. October is famous for another reason; it is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer awareness month began in 1985 and...

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Top 5 Ways Event Companies Can Go Green

In today’s world, climate change has emerged as a societal topic of conversation. Some believe climate change is happening, while others deny it. Though the debate rages on, California has taken action and lead the way in “going green.” In 2014, it banned single-use...

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